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New Pressure Regulator Humming/Whistling

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  • New Pressure Regulator Humming/Whistling

    I started having this problem as well right after replacing the pressure regulator. I've tried increasing the pressure up to 80psi as well as reducing it down to 45psi, but the humming/whistling noise still occurs anytime the faucets are turned on less than half way and/or after flushing the toilet and also right after turning faucets off. I know it is the pressure regulator since that is the only change and it also vibrates slightly when it "hums/whistles". Any ideas?

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    Re: New Pressure Regulator Humming/Whistling

    You should enter that thing in a talent show.....Humming and whistling

    really, check to make sure it's installed right and look at a trouble shoot from their website if you can....


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      Re: New Pressure Regulator Humming/Whistling

      most likely the issue is the washer has pulled away from its cup retainer and is vibrating.

      if you know how to disassemble the regulator, it should be easy to spot the problem.

      what brand, model and size regulator?

      phoebe it is


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        Re: New Pressure Regulator Humming/Whistling

        Regulators can sometimes be goofy that's why I only rebuild the cartridge style models. If you can, bypass the regulator by running a washing machine hose from a bib that precedes the existing regulator to an outlet just past the regulator, lets say a t and p location, you can eliminate the regulator from the system for a short period of time to see if the noise goes away. This is all dependent on what your pressure is before the regulator. If it is sky high then disregard my idea and hook a high pressure hose up to your neighbors house for a couple of minutes. Ultimately you may have to go out and get a replacement regulator to replace your regulator.