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  • Faucets

    Go to Home Depot or other big box stores and buy a kitchen sink faucet. Delta single handle, for example. The ball in the valve body of a Home Depot faucet is made of plastic or nylon. Go to a plumbing suppy house and buy the same model and the ball is stainless steel. Do you guys run into this with other plumbing fixtures? If so, how do you handle this with the end user (customer)? I know Home Depot does this for a price break, so they can undercut supply house's prices. In this example we are talking about 12 bucks in difference. I'm also wondering if they do the same thing with tools, i.e. plastic gears instead of metal in say, a drill.

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    Re: Faucets

    If the model number is the same, the item should be the same. But often , with faucets or drills, you will find the model featured in the store is not the same number available at commercial suppliers.