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Bathroom Sink/ Drain Pipe (Drain Pipe broke leading to ground)

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  • Bathroom Sink/ Drain Pipe (Drain Pipe broke leading to ground)

    Originally there was a clog, then someone poured Draino in the sink and it was left for a couple weeks!! I decided to take the S trap off under the sink and clear the clog that way......

    When I was putting the pieces back onto the sink, the S trap, and the pieces that leads to the drain pipe behind the wall I was having a hard time the drain pipe that runs from the wall to the ground broke, the break happened near the bottom where the pipe leads into the ground...

    I had done some research on and found that flex couplings can be used to reconnect.. I went and bought the couplings but when I went to look through the hole under the sink I could not find where the drain pipe broke? I was thinking that the pipe should have gone straight down into the ground but when I look there is no hole or broken pipe. I just see solid wood and cement.. The drain pipe had to of gone somewhere in the small space... Under the sink I had cut some of the sheet rock to gain access to the pipes.. I must be missing something here. I am a true DIY person unless the job is to complicated for me..

    Also let me say I have great respect for plumbers and the knowledge that goes with the job.. I understand there are probably a million scenarios that would require me to call and a plumber and I would be more than happy to do just that. I know when I am in Way over my head.. As of now I feel like this is something I can fix.. I have taken on some pretty big projects before so this one seems easy enough, as of now, if it does get to be a bigger project I will call someone...

    Please someone help! I am thinking the answer is "right in front of me!"

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    Re: Bathroom Sink/ Drain Pipe (Drain Pipe broke leading to ground)

    can you gain entrance to under the floor,

    If the pipe broke off or rotted off, my guess is that there is much more pipe that needs replacment under the floor and a patch will not fix the problem.

    and if it was mechanicaly opened up and the pipe is rotten (with a drain cleaing machine) it may have jsut boared a hole in the pipe. (been there done that).

    and my guess is you need some help,
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      Re: Bathroom Sink/ Drain Pipe (Drain Pipe broke leading to ground)

      I am happy to call a plumber but what I cannot understand is even if the break happened in the ground why can I not find the hole? I stuck my head in there with a flashlight and there is no sign of a hole or broken pipe. The ground, wood and cement, look solid. I cannot imagine the hole just covering itself up. I thought I was missing something..


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        Re: Bathroom Sink/ Drain Pipe (Drain Pipe broke leading to ground)

        Take some digital pics & post them here and someone will know what to tell you. You may get the exact same advice after the pics and have to accept it though.



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          Re: Bathroom Sink/ Drain Pipe (Drain Pipe broke leading to ground)

          Why is there dry wall under the sink? or, are you saying this is a raised area that this bathroom sits on?

          the piping must not be strapped for it to have fallen like that.