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Sump Pump problem

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  • Sump Pump problem

    For the past 6 or so weeks, our sump pump (one of two in our basement) has been going on continually, at intervals of anywhere from every 10 minutes to every couple of hours.

    Let me first try to explain the series of events that have led to this:

    1. We think the sump pump was left unplugged in the spring 08 after some work was done in that area of the basement. We think it was left unplugged up until a major rain in nov 08.

    2. Throughout the summer and fall, we don't recall the sump pump ever going off. Now did we have any water problems in the basement, basically bone dry all summer and fall.

    3. In Nov 08, we had major rain event that flooded the basement with 2-4 inches of water. Eventually discovered the unplugged sump pump, plugged it in, and all of the water was pumped out.

    4. Since them (we think) the sump pump has been going on as mentioned above.

    5. I have check the pipe in the back yard where the pump flow to and there is no back up going on.

    We don't know if leaving it unplugged has something to do with some kind of change that is causding this...we don't know if there has been some sudden major change in the water table under the house that is causing water to flow into the pump catchment (as one plumber has suggested)...we don't know if there is some kind of major town pipe leaking and causing this...basically we have no idea why it is "suddenly" going on all the time.

    Any thoughts, suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

    David Rosen

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    Re: Sump Pump problem

    High water table,,,,water leak,,, what was it like last winter?


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      Re: Sump Pump problem

      Originally posted by DELCASE View Post
      High water table,,,,water leak,,, what was it like last winter?
      Dry as a bone for four straight years. It's humid down there so we have a de-humidifier going all the time. Otherwise, very dry.


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        Re: Sump Pump problem

        You could have a water line leak but.... it should be more consistent.

        I have seen basements or crawlspaces leak "differently" allowing more/less water to come in based on the condition of the foundation, ground, & rainfall OR the pump repumping the water over and over.

        Check the pump line. Sounds like a leak or break there to me.