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  • The Running Toilet

    My toilet used to run after I would flush it; I would say that it would happen about 2 times in a month. So I got a plumber involved to fix the toilet and now it runs after every other flush. I'm just wondering what he could have done to it to make it worse than it already was. I actually wish now that I had never called him to fix it because some nights I have to cut the water flow to the toilet to make it stop running. It actually sounds more like a trickling sound now than a running sound. Any ideas will help. Thanks

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    Re: The Running Toilet

    check the water level. is it going above the overflow tube of the flush valve? does it not shut off, or does it cycle?

    every other flush makes no sense?

    put some food coloring dye into the tank after it's flushed and flapper is closed. does the color transfer to the bowl without flushing?

    does the trickleing stop when you lift up on the ballcock? or push down on the flapper?

    is the refill tube/ hose clipped above the overflow tube? or is it pushed way down?

    typically it's a simple fix.

    fill in the blanks and it's a simple fix.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: The Running Toilet

      I am one that would tend to think on a question like this, if you have to ask the questions you have then its over your head to fix. I would call the plumber that fixed it the first time and get him to come back out. He shouldnt charge you anything, as obviously he didnt do it right. I had one tenant whos water level was adjusted too high and I knew they could handle it so I told them how to adjust it and they put the level too low. It was so low that there wasnt enough weight to hold the flapper down so it just created a new problem.... Could be that.