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Replacement Sump Pump

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  • Replacement Sump Pump

    I'm planning to replace my 13 year old Hydromatic submersible (HP unknown) before the thaw because it does not sound healthy.

    I have an 18 diameter (at the top) pit about 2 feet deep.

    Any thoughts on the brands Ridged, Wayne, Zoeller and Hydromatic?

    How do I decide the proper size (say 1/3 or 1/2 HP)? Does it hurt to have one a bit too big?

    Please feel free to suggest web sites to read.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Replacement Sump Pump

    what size pipe, how long before discharge, how many fittings are there and what is the difference in elevation between the pump and the highest point in the discharge line. P.S. stay away from Ridgid, smaller pumps less than 1 h.p. i usually use zoeller anything else i use Hydromatics.


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      Re: Replacement Sump Pump

      answering your questions as best I can

      The pipes are inch and a half ID (the vertical pipe between the pump and the check valve maybe 2 inch)

      from the base of the sump to the highest point is 5 feet 8 inch (it is in a crawl space)

      there are 3 elbows and 3 straight connections.

      at the end of the discharge is a 25 foot flexible hose to get it away from the house bringing the total horizontal run to about 40 feet


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        Re: Replacement Sump Pump

        ok, your conditions are 7.83 ft of TDH your desired flow rate at this TDH is 15 GPM minimum. TDH is total dynamic head. Options are:


        1/3 HP VA-1 Sumbersible


        1/3 HP M53 Submersible pump

        Either one is good Zoeller a little better, but a little bit more expensive. I opersonally would choose the Zoeller pump.


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          Re: Replacement Sump Pump

          We install Jim Murray 1/3 hp Blue Max sumps. This the brand I have in my house.


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            Re: Replacement Sump Pump

            Agree with the suggestion to stay far away from Wayne and Rigid. I'd take the Hydromatic VA-1 over the M-53 because of the better switch design that if maintained will long outlast the switch on the Zoeller. The M-53 also does not provide a piggyback switch design (neither does the Blue Max model on the link). Otherwise, the M-53 is a good pump. For a little more money, also consider the Hydromatic VS33.

            Be sure to also replace your checkvalve when you change out your pump!
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              Re: Replacement Sump Pump

              Thank you all for your advice.