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  • Pipe nipple question

    I don't claim to know a lot about plumbing, which is why I hired a plumber.
    I framed a new shower, and the plumber ran all the stubs for the sprays and the shower head.
    This was a few months ago that this was done, and he is not coming back until I let him know that I am ready
    for the next phase, so I don't feel like jogging his memory on this:
    All of the stubs are just that..with caps so that I could "energize" the system.
    After I drywall and tile, he will have to replace the stubs with the appropriate length nipples.
    Potential problem will be that it will be difficult to tighten said new nipples because there will be such a short space
    between the face of wall, and the end of the order to wrench it tight. I am probably missing something, but
    I guess in a perfect world the wrench would mar up the nipple in the void between the drywall and tile, while in the rough framing stages.
    My guess is that there is either continuous threaded nipples that can be cut down, or one could be threaded
    on a machine (can they thread three inches or so?) and then just cut off after tightening.
    I probably did a poor job explaining this, but I can give a picture if need be.
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    Re: Pipe nipple question

    We tighten the fitting onto the nipple so nothing gets marred. Some use a plastic strap wrench to prevent this from happening.
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      Re: Pipe nipple question

      that was crazy fast.
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        Re: Pipe nipple question

        I'm used to making things from scrap, and I figured worse comes to worse, just get a pipe
        threaded three inches on one end, and then cut off to the desired length
        after tightening. But as long as there is a way, I'm sure he'll have no problem.
        I didn't feel like arsing him over something small like that. He did this work in October.
        Thanx all.

        In my world, this could be accomplished by double nutting, but I don't recall ever seeing a nut for threaded pipe.
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          Re: Pipe nipple question

          Did the work in October! Want me to come & finish it? Take about a day.

          (Kidding of course)

          Good luck.



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            Re: Pipe nipple question

            Pipe can be threaded the whole length and cut off but then you do not have pipe threads, these would be straight threads. Pipe threads are tapered.

            Pipe nipples can be made to where the two threads will butt together, they are called a close nipple, and can be made in a threading machine with a nipple chuck.

            There is not much pressure on the spray heads since most of the water is running out. Think of taking the nipple and starting it into the spray nozzle and then into the fitting in the wall and making it up tight.

            Hope this helps.



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              Re: Pipe nipple question

              I'm either working overtime, or not working and too lazy to finish something...further burdened by design conundrums.
              Thanx for the answers...shower continues...tomorrow...


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                Re: Pipe nipple question

                Mike, The body sprays have flat spots so you put a wrench to em


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                  Re: Pipe nipple question

                  don't forget to put lots of tephlon tape on the end that goes into the wall.


                  i have seen many damaged tub/shower walls from leaking shower risers.


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                    Re: Pipe nipple question

                    My concern is where you put up "dry wall" and then tile. I'm sure your plumber has roughed in a shower before so I would not worry about the body spray nipples. The test nipple for the shower head tells me someone knows what they are doing.


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                      Re: Pipe nipple question

                      I agree, if you are using drywall as a substrate you might as well call around and start scheduling the tear out now so you save time for next year.

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                        Re: Pipe nipple question

                        On the sprays..the holes are about 4 inches, so that should be ample to tighten those.
                        I figured the drywall would trigger a kneejerk reaction, but this will be a Schluter Kerdi shower.