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UPS w/ Sump Pump

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  • UPS w/ Sump Pump

    Has anybody used a UPS (uninteruptable power supply) for a sump pump?

    Something like this --

    Is there any reason I can't do this as a battery backup for my existing non-backed-up pump? I'd like to prevent my basement from flooding in the event that we lose power in a rain storm.

    Also; this may be a stupid question but, my sump has a strange (to me, atleast) plug -- it's got two, actually. One plug goes into the wall socket, and then another plug goes into that plug. Both wires run into the water hole. Is this how sumps are typically powered? Why is it done like this?


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    Re: UPS w/ Sump Pump

    RTFP (Read The Fine Print) for the UPS you asked about. How many watts does your pump draw? I'll bet its greater than 390. Do you think 4 or 5 minutes of run time (that's being generous) will save you from a flooded basement?

    Typical Backup Time at Half Load 15.4 minutes (195 Watts)
    Typical Backup Time at Full Load 4.2 minutes (390 Watts)
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      Re: UPS w/ Sump Pump

      One plug is for the on/off switch/float the other is for the pump itself.
      if you plug the outer one into your outlet your pump will run all the time.
      as for a battery back I've read alot of good things about Watch dog
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        Re: UPS w/ Sump Pump

        One plug is the switch, the other the pump. They call it a piggy back. If the switch goes bad, you can bypass it by only plugging in the pump. Of course it will run forever...untill you unplug it.

        I would only use a battery backup...


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          Re: UPS w/ Sump Pump

          Battery backup??

          A good battery backup might get you through one small storm if the utility company was able to get your power turned back on in shorter order. I would not expect a battery backup to last longer than 5-6 hours. You might consider installing a whole-house generator.
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            Re: UPS w/ Sump Pump

            Forget the automatic computer UPS unless you're willing to spend big bucks for a backup battery system like Sumpro. Not knowing your pump type, don't plan for anything less than 10 amps.

            Battery operated pumps can be very reliable IF maintained. Extra batteries can be held in reserve or in some cases combined to extend pump time. AGM batteries hold their charges better than wet cells. Unfortunately, most battery backups systems are not well maintained and/or have insufficient pumping GPM capacity.

            If you are creative, you can also find low wattage AC pumps and power them with an inverter + battery manually.

            Nothing further to add on the piggyback switch comments.