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  • opps!!

    het guys...i have a question for ya..
    a plumber is called to fix a leak on a water heater..
    he arrives and finds the floor beneith the heater wet, cant find a leak on the heater. figures it to be the tank, recomends to owner to replace heater..did..done...$ 800.00....worth
    next day..owner says leak still there, says its a dehumidifier
    whats the remedy for this situtation...should the owner be given a big ole chunk of change back? or does a owner share in blame..he was given the option of replacing the heater or no
    whats the solution ? should the plumber give back 200 bucks
    or ...fix the dehumidifer leak for free as a callback?
    is it a callback?
    I like it like that !
    and, It's like that now!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: opps!!

    Wow that stinks,
    Apply the unnecessary labor towards the dehumidifier(if possible)
    Credit them on the unused time on the water heaters warranty(10yrs)

    Sprinkle liazard blood over chinken feathers and squirel tail and put under your pillow the night before proposal.

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      Re: opps!!

      hey adam, thanks for asking,had a heart attack, wrecked my dam$ truck.while having it..been resting..good as new now..trying to keep wolf away from door.!!
      its all good...
      I like it like that !
      and, It's like that now!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Re: opps!!

        My take is the property owner hired a professional to do the job and expected the job to be done professionally. If the plumber cannot tell the difference between the water heater leaking and the humidifier leaking it is not the property owners fault. I imagine the property owner could have made the same mistake on their own for free. That said there was some value to the property owner for the replaced water heater. I would give the property owner some money back on the water heater, based on the useful life of old heater. I also would consider repairing the humidifier for free (within reason).

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          Re: opps!!

          How old was the "old" heater? Did you check the date code??


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            Re: opps!!

            I eat any of my misdiagnoses.



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              Re: opps!!

              it wasn't my job..i think the heater was 10 years old, if i listened correctly
              my "fix" or opinion is to fix the dehumidifer for free..\
              but i like the extended warranty and dehumidifer fix the best so far
              I like it like that !
              and, It's like that now!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                Re: opps!!

                usually a good fan or torch will dry the area enough to see where the water is coming from.

                a ten year old heater is on it's last leg, unless it's my 20 year old 40 gal. gas heater

                i guess if the old heater is still around, you could have it reinstalled and charge them only for the other leak.

                but then it makes little sense to do that.

                see what the owner is willing to pay. it might be at your cost and minimal labor?

                phoebe it is


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                  Re: opps!!

         32 year old Rheem water heater that I changed out a few years ago!!!


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                    Re: opps!!

                    like marl and rick said why wouldn't you shut off the water heater and dry up the floor first

                    i bet the water was still flowing across the floor when he was putting in the new heater and did not think any thing was wrong

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                      Re: opps!!

                      This happened to me 20 years ago at a condo. Good referral, customer called saying this real estate agent I do work for referred me. She tells me there's warm water showing up at the corner of the kitchen, opposite side of the wall is where the water heater is in a closet.

                      Open the closet, water heater sitting there with warm water all over the floor. I tell her that it appears the water heater is leaking, need to replace it. Bada-bing.

                      I install the water heater, collect, leave. 4 days later, water reappears. It's warm.

                      Come back, look, it's not the water heater; it's the dishwasher that is 6.5' away, left side of kitchen sink base. there was 3' base cabinets to the right of the 4' kitchen base.

                      When she ran the dishwasher which was randomly, the metal sump of the aging dishwasher was leaking on the pump cycle, the floor was falling towards the water heater at the corner of that kitchen, opposite side was the water heater.

                      I charged for both. Why? She told me the water heater is leaking, I confirmed there was warm water under that heater, told her to pay for it and I'll install it.

                      4 days later....realizing that the new heater possibly couldn't be leaking, the dishwasher was to blame, and I charged her to replace that as well.

                      Now, she was upset about replacing that heater, but I said "Didn't you call me up wanting your water heater replaced?"

                      "Well, yeah but.."

                      How would it "not" be reasonable to assume warm water underneath that heater wasn't from the heater itself, given the situation? I was called to replace it, why should I be blamed when she's already planning on the replacement.

                      Of course, never worked for her again. I charged a more than fair price for both replacements, I was under $40/hour waaaaay back then. Early 90's I believe.

                      For this one unfortunate situation above, I've had countless ones where people were expecting to pay to have a lot more work done, and I discover it is something simple, cheaper.

                      The difference between my job and the one on this thread? T&P was slowly running water out to grade on this heater as well. The statement "couldn't find the leak" would be in the same parameter as mine because I was called out to replace it, not find the leak. Just stop the leak.

                      Should I take blame for the customer's intentions?

                      Understand that in front of the dishwasher, in front of kitchen sink base, all but except that corner of the kitchen, warm water.

                      Ain't no F'in way I'm going to take dishwashers apart every time there's a leak in a kitchen, especially when there was an old water heater slowly dripping water out a 50' run to outside for a long period of time.
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                        Re: opps!!

                        I would probably fix the humidifier at no cost to the homeowner if this happened to me. I would charge for parts though. as far as the water heater is concerned if the old heater was on its last leg it would have needed replaced eventually and the way the prices of heaters have gone up lately you probably saved the home owner money . I have run into situations where the owners have called me up to replace the water heater and have discovered the water to be coming from somewhere else ( usually from the furnace condensate ) I guess the best thing I can say is try to look over every thing that could be causing the problem before replaceing the tank. If it turns out to be someting else fix that and bring the heater back to the supply house, the customer is happy and when thier water heater eventually leaks you will be the one replacing it along with everyone else that they tell about the great service you gave them.