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    Re: Toilet Auger

    sounds like the stoppage is well beyond the toilet.

    if you got all 6' into the toilet and it's still plugged. then the problem is a good 3'+ past the closet flange.

    did the auger ever cause the water to go down in the toilet?

    if it did, then there is probably something still stuck in the toilet. if it had no affect, then the problem is well beyond the toilet

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Toilet Auger

      Originally posted by HebertDrainCare View Post
      I got the impression she was talking about a toilet auger which is used to remove blockages from inside the commode itself as opposed to a cable machine that would be run through the pipe as I think happened in your case. If this is true she would not have to be concerned with the vent.

      I thought augers and cables were just different words for the same machine. Thank you for straightening me out. You have reinforced that I should continue to call plumbers and drain cleaners.



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        Re: Toilet Auger

        Toilet augers can be a useful thing. But there are plumbers who will not use them because it's just as easy to break a cheap toilet with an auger as it is to clear it. In fact, older toilets are probably often more susceptible to this than new because a lot of new ones expose the trapway while the old ones are molded so you can't see the trapway. Pulling back on the auger can snap a piece of china off inside, which will then float up and down when flushing and cannot be fixed.

        It would be unusual to not get through a toilet with a 3' auger. A 6' auger is to get into the pipe a bit, just in case.

        It is possible that the plug isn't in the toilet, but in the pipe below it.

        There are things that will frustrate an auger, such as a bar of soap - you can auger right through a bar of soap and not do much good.

        A piece of plumbing equipment in the hands of an amateur can be more harmful than helpful.