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water overflow from standpipe

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    Re: water overflow from standpipe

    I'd go with the educated professional before the strong chemicals anyday.


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      Re: water overflow from standpipe

      Originally posted by lmei007 View Post
      Here are some photos.

      Looks like the drain pipe is not 2". Does that mean the plumber who installed it did not follow the code? The house is more than 50 yrs old. Maybe at that time the code is different?

      Do you guys see possibility to change to 2" pipe?
      That plastic vent hose is taboo, get rid of it before you are sorry (= FIRE).

      The flat 45 offset in the drain line could be the culprit. It also looked like it could be backpitched a bit, but maybe its the camera angle. That double 45 offset is a good place for lint and other crap to collect and cause a backup.

      Did you recently get or do you have a high efficiency washer? If yes are you using HE detergent? If not that could also contribute to the problem.
      Non-HE detergent is a HE machine can create excessive sudsing IIRC.
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        Re: water overflow from standpipe

        It looks like to me that the pitch is in the opposite direction. Id also insulate the copper pipes that are on that wall if you live in a cold area.


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          Re: water overflow from standpipe

          I think I found the problem now. There is NO vent on that portion of the system. The 3" cast pipe goes up and is directly connected to my kitchen sink.

          I took off the cleanout plug and cleaned both side. both are in good shape. Then i covered with plastic film and watch water flow. I noticed that at one point the pressure started built up and then water started fill in the pipe and then ....

          I don't know how it worked for previous owner? we didn't change anything there. The pipe and wash machine are the same.

          Do you think that is the real cause?



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            Re: water overflow from standpipe

            Hire a a plumber to come out and fix this. There are too many little things that are causing the problem. The drain needs to be re built in 2" and either moved closer to the vent or adding a vent closer to the machine.