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Air Handler Aquastat Issue

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  • Air Handler Aquastat Issue

    How are you guys...

    I've been reading through all the posts but have yet to come to a resolution with my honewell l4006b aquastat.
    I have a hydro air system installed in my home. The boiler is gas fired and I have two zones, one for the 1st floor and 1 for the second floor. Both zones have their own thermostats and again each zone has their own air handler, one in the basement and one in the attic. I bought the house a year ago so this is my first full winter in the house and I am monitoring the way the system works.

    The problem that I seem to be having and narrowed it down to is the aquastats. Both are giving me this problem.
    II have them set to MAKE the connection for the air handler to start blowing air at 160F. They both work fine to this point. When there is a call for heat, the boiler fires up (cold start boiler) heats the water circulating through the pipes and triggers the blower on at 160F. The temperature is correct because when look at the thermometer on the boiler itself it reads 160 and the aquastats are set to 160 and thats when they go on.

    With this said, the differential was set to 5 by default from the builder which meens that the aquastat will break the connection when the temp goes 5 degrees below 160.

    My problem is, that when i set the differential to a higher number, lets say 15 or 20, this should let the blower run until the water cools to 145 or 140 depending on the differential setting. This does not happen. The blower still shuts off when the water temp drops 5 degrees below setpoint or in this case 155. This is leeding to a very frequent short cycle because its only allowing my blower 5 degrees of working time to heat my home. Does anyone know of a solution? Both aquastats are doing the same exact thing. Is it possible that they are both defective? Any troubleshooting solution would be highly appreciated.

    As an FYI, My boiler is a Weil-McClain Gold CGI with an Amana air handler.

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    Re: Air Handler Aquastat Issue

    Issue #1 Did you spell your name wrong?

    Issue #2 There was a recall on the Weil Mclain CGI boiler so check this site and see if you qualify:

    The serial # will be mounted on the left side of the boiler as you face it. It's NOT on the rating plate but a separate sticker. The Serial # will begin with CP

    Issue #3 I can't remember, is the L4006 a strap-on or immersion well type aquastat? You want the air handler to receive water in the 180 degree range not 160 range. Leave the differential at 5 degrees but raise the limits to 180. What temp is the boiler limit set to?