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  • pex ?

    i have a job that another plumber roughed in and never finished
    he has 1/2 pex (capped off ) no manifold ,coming through the floor for the toilet supply line (2nd floor ) can i install a shut off valve and supply line so that you would not be able to see the pex pipe
    he should of had copper coming throught the floor and made his pex x copper connection underneath inside the ceiling
    any ideas without opening the ceiling below?

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    Re: pex ?

    Originally posted by se215 View Post
    1/2 pex ,coming through the floor for the toilet supply line (2nd floor ) can i install a shut off valve and supply line so that you would not be able to see the pex pipe
    I stub pex through the floor (to toilets) all the time on renovations or re plumbs.
    Use a crimp on stop, that is the most simple thing to do. Leave just enough to replace it down the road.


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      Re: pex ?

      i always come through the floor with copper
      how do you keep the pex straight?


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        Re: pex ?

        pex stubouts are pretty normal now, nothing to be concerned about.
        It would have been better if they had used a support or an isolator to hold the pipe straight, but an escutcheon and a crimp stop are probably your best bet at this point.
        No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.


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          Re: pex ?

          wirsbo has a new line of chrome pex valves with sleeves and escutions that cover the copper. Check with your local plumbing supply house.


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            Re: pex ?

            Just make sure the pex is wersbo and Not the ringed stuff

            Someone correct me if I am wrong ... You can use a ring on wersbo but you can Not expand the other Pex ...



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              Re: pex ?

              Expansion method is not approved for PEX's other than Uponor's (Wirsbo)

              Crimp rings are not an approved method for Uponor (Wirsbo) PEX.



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                Re: pex ?

                Use a deep eschution and a chrome sleeve with the compression stop above that that way the stop is a couple inches above the eschution. I personally think it looks crappy when the stop sits right on the eschution.


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                  Re: pex ?

                  thanks for all the replys....i think the deep eschution and a chrome sleeve
                  will work but how can i keep it straight?


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                    Re: pex ?

                    I use a mickey mouse clip around the pipe under the eschution.If the image comes up there similar to this but the ones I use have smaller ears and you put the deep part of the clip through the floor.
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                      Re: pex ?

                      A high eared pipe strap as mentioned should hold the pipe, then slide the chrome flange over. Then you could use a Sharkbite MIP adapter and thread on a staight stop. This has worked for me in some tight situations........hope this helps.


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                        Re: pex ?


                        Main Entry:
                        es·cutch·eon Listen to the pronunciation of escutcheon
                        Middle English escochon, from Anglo-French escuchoun, from Vulgar Latin *scution-, scutio, from Latin scutum shield — more at esquire
                        15th century

                        1 : a defined area on which armorial bearings are displayed and which usually consists of a shield 2 : a protective or ornamental plate or flange (as around a keyhole) 3 : the part of a ship's stern on which the name is displayed


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                          Re: pex ?

                          Rehau and wirsbo are A rated and can be expanded zurn pex is B rated and cannot.