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LP vent free wall heater stinks!

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  • LP vent free wall heater stinks!

    I just bought a ventless LP wall mount heater. I mounted in on a wall in my basement. When I turn it on it really smells. Not of propane, but that really noxious smell of oil flashing off. The directions said it would give off an odor for the first few hours, but this smell is unbearable! I have run it a few times for less than a total of 1/2 hour because it stinks up the entire house and does so for hours after it has been turned off. The flames look good (even in height and blue w/no yellow or orange tipping) and my basement has no apparent odor (no smell of gas, kerosene, paint or paint thinner, etc.).

    Is this smell normal? Should I just open the windows and let it run for a couple of hours?

    The unit is a Desa Glo-Warm Blue Flame, Model #HDP30PT

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    Re: LP vent free wall heater stinks!

    Seriously, turn the gas off and called a licensed professional. I can't imagine any plumber or heating guy telling you your unit is fine over the internet in the hopes it doesn't kill you or your family.
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      Re: LP vent free wall heater stinks!

      I do not remember mine smelling bad when started up, but if one goes into a room from out side I can smell the burnt gas fumes not strong but I can smell them,

      (I would open up the windows and get the oils and other burnt off.)

      In many areas vent less heaters are not legal in occupied areas,

      but use with caution,

      depending on the LP the orderant in the fuel can smell as well when burnt,

      If you use this in a living space, put in a CO detector in the area, (I have mine in the barn room where one is in and out but needs to be above freezing but still have a CO detector in the area),

      I personally like the infrared heater over the blue flame unit, I tried one of the blue flame units and took it out and replaced it with the infrared unit, (not do to smell but to the way it heated the area).

      another option is to take the unit back off the wall and temporary mount out side and cook it off and see if that does the job.

      I hope your propane is out side, and properly piped in.
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        Re: LP vent free wall heater stinks!

        I recently ran a propane gas line to a friends lp vent free heater in his bedroom. I told him it sounded very dangerous but he insisted that his parents have these units in their house without problems for many years. I let him hook up the final flex connection and warned him to get a carbon monoxide detector. When he fired it up he got the same results; an oil smell that stunk up the room. Even after break in it still smells. I said "told you so" and recommended that he get a direct vent wall heater and be done with it. Save the heater for your barn.