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Utica Boiler (Honeywell) Valve Position?

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  • Utica Boiler (Honeywell) Valve Position?

    I have a Utica Boiler (Honeywell) and my daughter (3 yrs old) may have turned the black knobs/valves that sit above and below the glass water meter tube. I am not sure in what position they should be now -- closed or open -- but I have noticed that since they were turned the red "low water level" light will go off only when the glass tube is completely filled.

    Any ideas!

    MAny, many thanks!

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    Re: Utica Boiler (Honeywell) Valve Position?

    Surrrre, your "Daughter" did it.

    Haha and a lawyer to boot...too funny
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      Re: Utica Boiler (Honeywell) Valve Position?

      If I understand you correctly, the valves to the sight glass may have been shut off. These valves need to be in the open position to read(show water level) correctly. I strongly recommend having a plumbing/heating contractor, who understands steam systems check your boiler. Take it as cheap insurance, cause god knows what else your three year old messed with. That contractor can show you around your boiler better than someone far away on the internet.