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Sewage backup into tub and sink!

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  • Sewage backup into tub and sink!

    I flushed the toilet two days ago, and sewage backed up into the tub. The sewage was black and had heavy particles floating in it. The tub drained slowly and after about an hour it was gone. I came back from work and the tub was about five inches full with the contaminated water, and the toiled was overflowing with the same water. I checked the sink and though it wasn't filling with water, it was spitting out some black particles.

    I tried using pipe cleaner with little effect, and used a long snake on the toilet with no effect. I am about to try to snake the tub.

    Could this possibly be caused by a dead sump pump? I can't tell if mine is working or not; the hole is almost filled and won't drain. I tryed to bail water from it for about an hour [without much impact]. It doesn't seem to be working though.

    Please give me any advice you can! I'd like to try out everything I possibly can on MY end before calling in a plumber! [short on money this month ]


    Looking forward to some responses.

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    Re: Sewage backup into tub and sink!

    Also, there is a loud gurgling noise that occurs when the water backs up


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      Re: Sewage backup into tub and sink!

      Are you on a septic tank?
      If so, it may be full and need to be pumped.

      Do you have a sewage ejector pump?
      If so, it may be malfunctioning and you'll need to call a plumber.

      If none of the above, then your sewer is clogged and you'll need to a call professional drain-cleaner to get it opened.
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        Re: Sewage backup into tub and sink!

        If you left and there was no water in the tub then when you returned home there was water in the tub-then it could be associated with a sump pump or it could be associated with the city sewer system.

        Does your sump pump normally operate daily? Have you had rain/snow melting lately?


        EDIT: Could also be your septic tank as Service Guy says if you have one.


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          Re: Sewage backup into tub and sink!

          it is really hard to diagnose problems with out seeing them. If you have a sump for sewage then it is very possible that it has stopped working. Especially since your tub backed up without some one using it. Check your circuit breaker or fuse for the sump.


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            Re: Sewage backup into tub and sink!

            Here at 5:49 with first post and gone at 6:15 or so.

            My guess is he followed the advice to call a pro (yeah right) or he's trying to solve it by himself and will return with a new appreciation for drain cleaning.
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