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Moen 7650 lever action

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  • Moen 7650 lever action

    Hello all
    I tried to help a friend fix his leaky faucet, by replacing the cartridge and the two o-rings
    on the stem. Leak was fixed, but the lever now has play in it. When the lever is pressed up,
    the water turns on, but the lever "gravitates" back down. The water stays on until the lever
    is pushed down though. I don't remember anything falling out after the lever assembly was
    pulled off. It is just a metal lever going through a plastic housing. There is a notch in the lever
    that rides a raised groove in the plastic cap.
    I couldn't find any schematics online, and the faucet is no longer listed on Moen's site.
    Any input would be appreciated.
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    Re: Moen 7650 lever action

    is there a packing nut holding the cartridge down, or is it a retaining clip?
    Originally posted by NHMaster3015
    No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.


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      Re: Moen 7650 lever action

      There is a clip that goes through the stem and cartridge, and then a nut on top of that.


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        Re: Moen 7650 lever action

        Sounds like you put in a plastic cartridge, (that's OK I think they are better than the brass ones). You have two options, one is to remove the cartridge and push the inside stainless portion completely out of the the housing. Then take a paper towel or a clean rag and wipe some of the grease from the "O" rings. You can then reassemble and see if this helped. If you don't like it you may have to do this again. Your second option is to do nothing and wait a week or so and this problem will most likely go away. One more thing, have you noticed that the handle is not real smooth when you shut the faucet off but it seems to turn on OK? If so get back to us.


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          Re: Moen 7650 lever action

          When I redo the moens this happens for a day or 2 then returns to normal.If this makes you nuts you can do like Rookie recommends.


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            Re: Moen 7650 lever action

            Darn, it's just a stinking faucet. From the title of this
            thread I thought there was a a new lever action rifle out.

            Easy now, just trying to inject a bit of humor.
            Don't get your O-Rings out of joint.
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              Re: Moen 7650 lever action

              On some of the Moen handles under the handle trim piece there is a bottle opener looking portion that must align in a groove in the retainer cap above the cartridge, or play will result in handle. It can be difficult to snap this portion in place sometimes.