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Getting ready for air test (rough-in inspection)

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    Re: Getting ready for air test (rough-in inspection)

    Hey folks, just wanted to give everyone as update after my tests.

    I pumped up the ABS to 5lbs and it will hold all day. I did end up having to glue on the caps, after about 5 "blow-offs" during pressurization, I was mad and glued them all.

    I also pressurized my pex home run system. I am using a vanguard 32 port manifold which is really quite slick (highly recommended). I went up to 75lbs of pressure and it held without a glitch. I didn't want to go much higher as it was cold (below freezing) and the pex is only rated for 100psi at 82 degrees fahrenheit.

    Final question, the knock-out flanges on my water closet, do I just hit them with a hammer to take out the cap? How do I stop the cap from going down the drain?

    Thanks a million to all who have contributed.

    I almost forgot, I couldn't locate a long test balloon so I had to use a normal one. I just attached a screw on bicycle pump to fill it up and it worked like a charm. Cheers