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Tieing Pool pump into sewer line

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    Re: Tieing Pool pump into sewer line

    I feel like I'm swimming in poop all the time

    It's not that bad really


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      Re: Tieing Pool pump into sewer line

      Originally posted by OkieBill View Post
      Sooooo How many Fixture units is the output of the pool pump?

      How big of a line do you think you will need to service this floor sink?

      You are looking at flows of 70-110 gallons per minute so I would say you would need to use a commericial 5" or 6" trap.
      I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the homeowner does not have a 6" sewer service...

      May need to rethink the floor sink idea
      Actually its a Condo Association and for the most part the sewer on the property is 6in.


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        Re: Tieing Pool pump into sewer line

        I just talked with the HOA again today and the only reason they wanted the pool pump tied in is because "a city inspector told them that it had to be tied in to the sewer line so that it didn't cause a flood risk"


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          Re: Tieing Pool pump into sewer line

          Our local city rec center has 3 olympic sized pools which when constructed wher drained into to city sewer system which was improper.
          The first time they drained the pools after the initial installation they fooded out the basements in a nearby neighborhood which had a partial blockage in the main and could not accomodate for the volume of water going into the sewer.
          they ended up having to run the drainage into the storm setting up a declorination system and monitering the rate of discharge so they did not overtax the storm system
          just glad I dont live close to there caused a lot of damage to the houses nearby