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Rigid SSP-1000 Sump Pump Sensor Panel

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  • Rigid SSP-1000 Sump Pump Sensor Panel

    I am thinking of purchasing Rigid's SSP-1000 Submersible Sump Pump but have seen some troubling reviews...I understand that the pump has a capacitive electrode switch that activates the turning on/off of the pump. I have read multiple reviews that indicate that within months of the installation of this type of pump, the pump has failed to turn on. The owners indicated that they later discovered that it was necessary to clean off the "sensor panel" where the capacitive circuit exists. They also indicated that Rigid was aware of this and they told the owners that this was necessary to do "periodically"...

    Can someone comment/confirm whether the findings of these owners has any validity? Also, if the cleaning of the "sensor panel" is necessary, then what is the definition of "periodically"? How often should the sensor panel be cleaned off?

    In my situation, I am looking to install the pump in a very clean pit ie no waste water...just ground water collected by my foundation perimeter drainage pipes...

    Any feedback in these regards would be much appreciated....

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    Re: Rigid SSP-1000 Sump Pump Sensor Panel

    I have two of these pumps running right now, the reviews on Home concern me as well. The two problems i have encountered so far are the cycling on/of regardless of water level (16sec on/1sec off) and the water inlet does capture any debris in the water.


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      Re: Rigid SSP-1000 Sump Pump Sensor Panel

      I have the SEP-500 (the sewage pump) and you can find a couple of my other posts on these forums. The switch on that has had several failures so far, in the 3 months or so I've had the pump installed.

      We have a whole-house pit (all of our house's drains go to this pit), and the previous pump (a Zoeller with a float switch) worked for approximately 7 years before dying (which was well within the anticipated lifespan of that pump).

      As I said, we've had the Rigid in for about 3 months, and we've had 5 failures so far. Every time, the symptom was exactly what Peter described -- the pump would run, stop for 1 sec, then cycle on again. So I had to open the pit, wipe down the sensor...After the first time I called Rigid and told them I didn't want to have to open my pit every time this sensor got clogged -- so they sent me a float switch.

      If you have a clean water pit, there are probably cheaper basic sump pumps you can use that would be just as effective. But at this point I just don't trust that sensor at all, and wouldn't buy it again for any use.

      I wonder if the switches are the same -- on the SEP I think it was called a "sewage sensor"...but it looks the same.

      My 2cents -- go with something with a basic float switch.



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        Re: Rigid SSP-1000 Sump Pump Sensor Panel

        Scott- stay away from this model. The watersense switch is not adjustable. I have had mine for 5 weeks, and hate it. It cycles constantly, since it only allows for an 8 inch water rise, and shuts off at 4 inches. It takes 3 seconds to complete, and if water is filling fast during rains, it will turn on again in 30 seconds ( I have a 24" diameter sump, 36" deep.)

        I await some potential solutions to a thread I started, but based on some reading I did here, I don't have any hopes.


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          Re: Rigid SSP-1000 Sump Pump Sensor Panel

          I work at Home Depot and have heard nothing but complaints about the "sewage sense" or "water Sense" switches used on the sewage and sump pumps. The sewage pumps get a piece of TP or any kind of sludge on the switch and they either fail to run at all or they run continuously until the pit is dry and they burn themselves out. The sump pumps tend to do the same thing if any form of debris contacts the switch and stays against it.

          Ridgid makes good pumps if you get the ones with a float switch but these sensors are total pieces of garbage.


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            Re: Rigid SSP-1000 Sump Pump Sensor Panel

            Why not go ZOLLER ?
            I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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              Re: Rigid SSP-1000 Sump Pump Sensor Panel

              only thing I can say is Zoeller all the way or else
              Zoeller ,Zoeller ,Zoeller!!! sorry ridg but Zoeller pumps just keep pumping
              SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME


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                Re: Rigid SSP-1000 Sump Pump Sensor Panel

                Ridgid makes good pumps if you get the ones with a float switch but these sensors are total pieces of garbage.[/QUOTE]

                Float switch results.
                If they make good sump pumps I haven't found one yet and I've gone thru 3 in less than 18 months! Their lifetime warranty is a joke! The warranty only covers non moving parts, the only thing that moves is the switch and that's what breaks! All 3 had switch problems, one lasted less then a year, next one less then a hour, and the last one less then 3 months! No more ridgid for me!