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  • Vapor steam cleaners


    Daimer shows quite a variety of vapor steam cleaners including what they call continuous-refill for non-stop cleaning. I really don't like the thought of having to shut down the machine to refill when I run low in water like I would with vapor steam cleaners not offering continuous refill.

    Does anyone use vapor steam cleaners and with experience in tile and grout cleaning?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Vapor steam cleaners

    If you are using a vapor steam cleaner for work you need continuous steam I have both units and cleaned grout and tile professionally the only plus to adding water is a break from the work. Time is the key the less time per 100 sq. feet means more money. 25 cents a sq. foot times 100 square feet equals 25 dollars per hour if you can do that much in an hour and do it well. Older floors that have not been cleaned in some time can take longer, a pre-treat of the floor with an oxi-clean like product helps also, read the label around the stove in the kitchen the worse, this example is on 1/4 inch grout lines.


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      Re: Vapor steam cleaners

      The unit you mentioned looks good go the 300CS