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Help with my well

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  • Help with my well

    First off, thank you for having this forum.
    My property was a farm a long time ago, and an addition was built over a drilled well. From what I can tell, it is deep and full of water. I would like to use some of that water for irrigation, but I don't know where to start. My biggest limitation that I see so far is that there might be a clearance issue above the well. I will measure it later, but I am sure it is not more than 16-24 inches. between the well and the floor above. I might consult a local expert later, but I thought I could look into doing it myself or having some understanding of the parameters before I bring somebody over. The pipe is small, maybe 2-3 inches. I also don't want to buy a shoddy pump that I will be replacing in a couple of summers.



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    Re: Help with my well

    The pipe is small? The drilled well in the ground is only 2"-3"?



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      Re: Help with my well

      2-3" is my recollection. I will get down there and measure later. It is definitely not much bigger if at all. It is lined with a pipe at least at the surface.


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        Re: Help with my well

        if it is a 2" pipe it is probably a driven well, and if it is a 3" it is probably a cased well,

        one may have to make a trap door in the floor to access it,

        how deep to water and how deep is the well, (bottom),
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