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Looking for replacement diaphragm switch for SP 330D pump

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  • Looking for replacement diaphragm switch for SP 330D pump

    Hi all,

    I'm having a hard time locating a good place to buy a replacement diaphragm switch for my Ridgid 330D pump. I tried looking on Ridgid's site but I am not seeing it. It's catalog part #88567 as per the pump manual. Would anyone know where I can get the replacement part?

    I'm guessing I am needing it because sometimes the pump won't turn off after it drains the water in the pump (or it runs for an extra 30 seconds etc). I've read about getting a different type of piggyback switch for the pump but I'm at least trying to price and locate a new one from Ridgid. The best one I've heard about is the SJE Rhombus Vertical Master I, but it looks like it only drains a few inches of water each cycle, while the ridgid diaphragm gets about 8-10 inches I believe.

    I have a backup pump in there now so at least I'm covered if the main one goes out but I'm thinking I'm correct in that the switch is probably failing.