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Best Sump Pump for me?

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  • Best Sump Pump for me?

    Hi! I'm new to this site, I happened upon it while doing research for a sump pump and I'm hoping someone can help me make a decision!

    I have a small basement, 30X35 or so with crawl space on either side, I have water year round with the worse time being in spring (obviously). There is a 1.5inch or so trench dug out around the edges and a hole in the lowest corner with the pipe draining into my yard. My neighbor is going to help me install the pump, I just can't figure out what the best one for me is!
    The things I want from my pump:
    automatic, I want to install and forget for 5-10years
    price, around 200ish, no more than 250 and hopefully less than 200
    water, I’m not expecting it to take care of all my water issues down there, but just no more river like sound affects coming form the basement would be nice
    I hope thats enough, and not to much, information. I look forward to any advice from anyone! Thanks in advance.
    p.s. and while i'm at it- any recommendations for a good wet/dry vac?

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    Re: Best Sump Pump for me?

    I would recomend a zoeller pump. You cant get one from home depot, honestly anything you get from home depot wont offer the longevity and quality that you are looking for. Overall zoeller m53 should be sufficient.


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      Re: Best Sump Pump for me?

      agree with wrench.


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        Re: Best Sump Pump for me?

        The Liberty pumps are good also but asking more than 6 years from a pump is a stretch.


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          Re: Best Sump Pump for me?

          zoeller n53 with adjustable float swich, not the tethered one
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            Re: Best Sump Pump for me?

            Thanks everyone for your response, i did order the one you all recommended. Now I just hope my neighbor and I dont have a terrible time installing it!

            Thanks Again!