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ground water pooling below basement

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  • ground water pooling below basement

    I have a late 50's ranch in Milwaukee, WI. My house is lower than those behind me. When we get heavy rain for a day or two, some water seeps in where the floor meets the basement wall. I had drainage installed in the yard with the gutter on the Northeast feeding into the drainage tube and I had it re-checked and all of that is working fine. The yard was graded to keep water from running toward the house. I got a new sump pump and during a heavy rain the water rushes into the crock and gets pumped out to the front of the house just fine. I had a company come out to check if the drain tile needed to be repaired or cleaned out. They said the drain tile is working great and they would not suggest jetting it or rodding it. The Northeast corner of the basement still gets some water leaking in where the floor meets the wall. This room in the basement is finished with drywall and floor tile. It is not a lot of water, but is enough to settle under the floor tile so it has to be dried out. I was told that perhaps there is a spot under or near the floor of the basement in that corner that water may "pool" when it rains heavily. Is there any other solution other than digging up my basement floor to create a run-off or trench that takes this water into the drain tile or sump crock? I am retired and do not have the funds to do this, not to mention the busting up of the floor and having to re-do the drywall and flooring. Thank you.

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    Re: ground water pooling below basement

    Unless you are in an area with a high ground water table the majority of basement water problems we do are caused by surface water making its way down along the foundation. We try at all cost to avoid the installation of sump pumps, they are only a band aid. We stop the water from the outside. Are all of your leader drains tied into pipes to run the water away from the house? If so make sure your gutters are kept clean. They can dump out above ground or run in to underground storage/leach tanks. Its hard to give you solutions with out being able to see exactly what you have. Try to find a drainage contractor in your area to give you an opinion and not just a company that puts in sump pumps.


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      Re: ground water pooling below basement

      In my opinion you need to dig up the ground adjacent to the wall that is leaking and you need to waterproof this wall with a waterproofing membrane.
      Before you backfill I would put against the wall a product called core-flute ( that plastic stuff that real estate signs are made of) and then put fibre cement sheeting against this. At the bottom of the trench I would put in a drainage line in with holes in and backfill with 20mm stones and probably on the outside of the stones have geotextile and wrap it over the top prior to the soil and grass.
      The core-flute and fibrecement are there so the stones don't pentrate the membrane and the stones are there to direct the water into the drain line.
      I would think that you could do this job by yourself other than a machine to dig the trench.

      I have always been told that if you have a hole in a ship you have to fix it from the outside.



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        Re: ground water pooling below basement

        Sealing a basement from the inside requires that the sealant product must be able to retain "negative hydrostatic pressure". Negative hydrostatic pressure is water pressure that passes through the substrate and presses on the back side of the coating. Constant hydrostatic pressure from the side walls or from beneath the footing and floor will never detach SANI-TRED products.
        Value Dry Expert