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cutting 6" pipe?

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    Re: cutting 6" pipe?

    Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
    If you were doing pipe fab work then I would say look into a Wachs cutter. But it sounds like you want to chop up some long lengths of irrigation pipe for use as fence posts, braces, and what not.

    Can't remember the name of the maker but since you have a torch rig already maybe look for a oxy-acetylene pipe cutting/beveling rig. It sits on the pipe and you can manually (on the lower priced models) crank the torch around and make nice square cuts or bevels in prep for welding.
    This is a motorized model that follows a chain track, not cheap.

    There are similar units that are moved manually and less expensive.

    Actually as ingenious as you are you could probably whip one up for yourself in a weekend that uses your current torch.
    thank you for you ideas,

    That type of oxy propane cutter I have thought about, and may put some thought in that as well, uses a #60 roller chain and some type of spring tensioner and either a drive out of a car window door, to motor it, or just a hand crank on the drive gear, a few rollers and some type of clamp to hold it, actually that link chain like in the SEC machines, is a good idea as slag would not effect it much, I guess one could grind the one like where it slides in to attach to make it work easer, Thanks for the pictures,
    it would be nice to have a machine cutting head but I think one could easily make a lever to hold down the oxygen cut lever,

    I will do a little thinking,

    if this was thick or even schedule 40 pipe I think the torch or the abrasive saw would be about the only way to do it, but where this is schedule 10 it it not very thick walled,
    and a stationary cutter would be some what difficult as it is currently in 40 foot lengths and there are some nipples welded on it and some brackets at various places, not many but some.

    for example the Ridgid power cutter, unless you can let the pipe spin easily it would not be much of a help, and I think some thing portable would work best for me in this situation,
    I am considering the Ridgid 6-s as well, that Rick suggested as well,
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