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Special alternative for Shower Valve Sockets?

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  • Special alternative for Shower Valve Sockets?

    I'll preface by admitting that I'm an amateur DIYer and that I only know the basics about plumbing. I'm trying to fix a leak in my shower and I believe the fixtures and plumbing are all 1940s original. All productive comments are welcome.

    I am trying to remove the shower valve assembly from the outer valve body but traditional Shower Valve Sockets don't seem to work. Instead of being a hex shape, mine seems to be an oval with flat sides (see "shape" pic). The rounded ends seem to interfere with the hex shower valve sockets. I've tried several types of sockets (including 12 point deep sockets) and there isn't much space for wrenches. Is a special tool required for the removal?

    See the "leak" pic for the reason for removal. Am I naive to think this may be fixed with a washer replacement once the assembly is out? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
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    Re: Special alternative for Shower Valve Sockets?

    Hard to tell from the pictures but...

    Yes you need a special tool to remove that stem. I have one on my truck but haven't used it in years. I want to say it's made by Savoy?

    Once you remove the stem it should have a standard washer.


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      Re: Special alternative for Shower Valve Sockets?

      I agree with Plumberscrack, it's hard to identify by the photo you provided. Since your not experienced at removing these stems, the first thing I would do is reinstall the brass threaded extension (allthread) or packing nut back into the front of the stem. If you get a little to agressive with a wrench or a socket , this may keep you from crushing this area and not allowing you to properly put this thing back together resulting in yet another leak. Bottom line,.......before you get over your head you may wish to call a plumber.


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        Re: Special alternative for Shower Valve Sockets?

        If you take a pic of the handle it may help us .. I have seen american standard & savoy with that type of bonnet


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          Re: Special alternative for Shower Valve Sockets?

          Wow, you guys are good! I apologize for the poor photo but it was hard to get light in that far. Plumberscrack and DELCASE were correct to identify it as Savoy. It finally hit me when I looked down at the overflow plate and saw the logo. Big Jim, apparently you've identified yet another manufacturer of this odd shape. For those who are interested, I also attached a pic of the fixtures.

          Thanks, rookie plumber, for the advice on reinserting the extension cylinder to avoid further headaches.

          Now it's time for me to find the tool! I'll take a picture when I get it out to post it here for posterity.

          Thank you all for your fast and helpful contributions.
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            Re: Special alternative for Shower Valve Sockets?

            For those keeping score at home:

            Plumberscrack 1
            Delcase 1
            Big Jim 0