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Furnas Brand Class 69ES Pressure Switch

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  • Furnas Brand Class 69ES Pressure Switch

    Hi there,

    Just came home from work and noticed my pressure tank was "blowing off" water from the pressure relife valve at the bottom leaking a small amount of water onto the floor. I drained the system (water) completely, checked tank pressure, set it to 28 psi 2lbs less then my cut in pressure of 30 PSI. Then ran tank to fill it did not cut out until it reached 88 PSI. I adjusted the cut out pressure switch counter clockwise to reduce cutout pressure but it is already at its limit, cannot back it out further or the screw will fall on the floor.

    Is my switch gone? Please help.

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    Re: Furnas Brand Class 69ES Pressure Switch


    Never touched the adjustment screws and now the water pressure guage goes completely to 0 psi, holds for a few seconds, then the relay cuts in. On it's way to 0 once it hits 20 it sharply jumps to 10 then a couple seconds later goes to 0. This is very frustrating and confusing. I will price a new switch in the morning.