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"Sewage Sense" - does not sense - SSEP500 Sewage Pump

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  • "Sewage Sense" - does not sense - SSEP500 Sewage Pump

    I had a plumber install one of the Ridgid SSEP500 Sewage Pumps from Home Depot. The pump came with this electronic "Sewage Sense". It keeps getting toilet paper on the "Sewage Sense" when that happens the pump will not shut off.

    I've been using two different workarounds: first - open the bucket and knock the paper off the sensor, second - unplug the pump and flush the toilet till the alarm comes on then plug the pump back in. The second method may take more than one try to get the paper to float off the sensor.

    How is it possible that this electronic sensor can be reliable?

    - Allen

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    Re: "Sewage Sense" - does not sense - SSEP500 Sewage Pump

    I had the same pump installed a few months ago, and I've already had 5 failures. Rigid tech support told me to wipe off the sensor -- incredulously, I asked him if he was actually advising me to open the pit and clean the sensor off every time it failed (which would mean I could never seal my SEWAGE pit). He then asked if I wanted a float switch, which I enthusiastically accepted.

    The switch they sent (free of charge) is a Wayne, but is not very good. It shuts off more quickly than I'd like, but more important, at least once it was up (that is, it floated upright) and SUBMERGED, but didn't engage...sigh...I got a series of positive tests, and finally closed it up -- I have a high-water alarm in there, and figured it'd be reliable enough for now.

    So now I'm bugging the "plumber" who installed it (guy from a plumbing service who knew very little about sump pumps), and Rigid again to see if anyone can get me set up with something reliable.

    For the record -- the pump itself HAS been fine and reliable so far. I'm concerned that the periods of non-stop operation have reduced its lifespan, but so far it's fine.

    My advice --

    (1) Call rigid, demand a float switch, install it or find someone to install it for you (bonus -- then you have the old switch on hand for a short-term solution should the float switch fail)
    (2) you've had good luck with flushing the pit to clean the switch, so stick with that! But if that doesn't keep resolving the issue, cut your pit lid in half so you can open it easily without disturbing the ejection pipe, and get a long stick with a rag on the end to swipe down the sensor

    For reference -- the previous pump we had installed in 2002, and it worked for 7 years with only 2 instances where I had to kick the ejector pipe to shake the float switch other maintenance at all.



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      Re: "Sewage Sense" - does not sense - SSEP500 Sewage Pump

      Josh , tell your management please, not good!
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        Re: "Sewage Sense" - does not sense - SSEP500 Sewage Pump

        I bought the SSEP500 about two months ago for a basement apartment, I've had nothing but troubles with it constantly running. A call in to Ridgid led to nothing but aggravation. Seems I fix it and two days later the sewage sensor is malfunctioning again. Even with all the posts on the Ridgid forum they claim there is absolutely nothing wrong with these sewage sensors.

        After a few calls, I finally, hopefully got some restitution. I explained to the rude tech support that his answers were not satisfactory and requested a float switch. He told me they don't supply them, I asked for a manager and he put me on hold for about 10 seconds and then said the manager authorized a new float switch to be sent out.

        If you are having the same problem..ask for a manager. I've never dealt with such rude and aggrivating tech support help before as "Kevin" from Ridgid.