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Refrigerator Water Line

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  • Refrigerator Water Line

    I was cleaning behind the refrigerator the other day and I noticed that the water line is plastic tubing (gray colored from the floor, another part is white, not sure which is which). This was installed by Sears in 05 or 06. I thought this kind of tubing was supposed to be copper? Is there a code that says it should be copper? I was reading stuff online and ppl argue for/against copper or plastic -- they also talk about getting the proper shut-off valve?

    I don't want any unexpected leaks -- so I want to know if I should get someone to fix it or call Sears and complain...3 years later.


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    Re: Refrigerator Water Line

    Squeeze it between your fingers if it gives it is Junk ! I use Pex it is very good It takes NO inserts is very thick ... No problems ever
    More problems with pin holes in copper ...



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      Re: Refrigerator Water Line

      A friend of mine in Brisbane is an appliance repair guy and he gets heaps of burst plastic hoses on refrigerators.
      His theory is that the hose is subjected to the heat from the condenser fan being blown across it and after about five years is has weakened that much that is eventually bursts.
      I would replace the hose and look at it again in a few more years and put it down to preventive maintenance.



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        Re: Refrigerator Water Line

        the refrigerator hose should be replaced periodically just like washing machine hoses, and pretty much any other source of property flood damage, it is cheep insurance.
        No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.


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          Re: Refrigerator Water Line

          I reccomend replaceing it with a Fluidmaster no burst stainless steel hose.


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            Re: Refrigerator Water Line

            First off, who cleans behind their refrigerator?

            I remembered seeing 1/4" copper tubing going up through the floor to your icemaker

            Is there a connection to plastic before it gets to frig? If so, I recommend it be changed to stainless like PlumberTim says


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              Re: Refrigerator Water Line

              Lol, I thought I'd get a head start on spring cleaning. I just went downstairs to look at the pipes -- you're right, it is a copper line from the cold water pipe, goes across and up, and then right at the end, changes to plastic. I'm not sure why Sears did that.

              Thanks to everyone for the advice!

              I'll change it to stainless steel (probably change my washer hoses while I'm at it). Can I get my handyman to do it, if it isn't too complicated? Doesn't seem like a big job, plus need him to do some other small jobs around the house -- this is the amateur speaking of course.


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                Re: Refrigerator Water Line

                ....i agree with plumbertim1975. here's what it looks like.