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Water Heater Pilot Won't Light

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    Re: Water Heater Pilot Won't Light

    if the new thermocouple does not work, I have seen the spark plug ground out to the tank before. there for no ignition inside the sealed combustible chamber. also if the chamber is not completely sealed the W\H will not light.


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      Re: Water Heater Pilot Won't Light

      There exists and loooong ongoing thread on these turds here.
      The locals who contract with the gas company put these garbage things in.
      One of our plumbers put one of these in because they were cheap.He was back in a week.
      I go with Rheems.They are always the oldest heaters I still see in operation!
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        Re: Water Heater Pilot Won't Light

        Whirlpool puts a filter that wraps around the base of the water heater in each box.
        It is two piece plastic frame that adjusts to the size of the heater. It is a bit of a pain to install but if the problem really is a clogged screen, like Whirlpool says, it will help to install them and teach the home owner to clean them.

        I have tested thermocouples but they are usually not the problem.
        I replace Bradford Whites much sooner than most other brands. They are all being built to fail.
        Rheems seem to be the best right now.


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          Re: Water Heater Pilot Won't Light

          Call a plumber lots of the newer models up here are having troubles with ECO failure and or flammable vapour switch. Your saftey is not worth messing around with it.