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    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Situation: I have a water softener installed in my walk-out basement. The drainage line was run into my ejector pit. In the last three months, the check valve connection above the ejector pit failed (came loose from PVC pipe) and then, 3 months later, the 3 year old ejector pit pump failed, flooding parts of my finished basement, causing huge issues.

    A few questions:

    1)Is there any reasonable way to run the drainage line into some other existing piping and avoid the reliance on a pump that will eventually fail? The main sewer line runs about 10 feet up off the basement floor. The past setup has the water softener drainage line going up about 4-5 feet, horizontal for about 12 feet over the ceiling tiles to the utililty room and then down about 10 feet into the ejector pit. The ejector pump then pumps the water back up about 10 feet and then over and into the sewer line. There are no drains in the basement which go anywhere other than the ejector pit. There is a sump pit which drains outside the house. A plumber friend has suggested a setup that would run the drainage line into a sink drain line (from first floor) which goes directly into the sewage line. He would install a water check valve to guard against backflow to the water softener. I can't get comfortable with this suggestion if there is any risk of drinking water contamination, no matter how small, which it seems would be present.

    2) Is there a reasonable way to provide a back up to the new ejector pump?

    3) Are ejector pumps or sump pumps built to withstand the chemical impact of daily immersion in brine water?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Water Softener Drainage

    Well... honestly... I would look into alternatives for water softening. There are devices that soften without creating the polluted waste water.

    I know of a device called a "Zeta rod" and there are others.
    The water softener is a dinosaur.
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