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  • Basement Dewatering System

    Hello, I am brand new and have a question. Hopefully I am in the right area for this question. In my basement I have a few 1/2 in CPVC pipes coming out of exterior walls down by the floor. They run to a garden hose that runs to a floor drain. I don't have a sump pit or anything. When it rains I have water draining through the hose. However I have water coming through another wall and was wondering if I could drill more holes and extend this system? I've only seen this done in the Peoria area here in Illinois and not too many folks know what this entails. I think it is kind of like the baseboard system that retailers sell, however that is very expensive and I'm hoping to duplicate results with less cost. The outside slope is all wrong on the house, so I need to do some major landscaping this summer. BTW, I just bought the house.

    If I just drill through the first edge of the block wall, and not go all the way through, would this be helpful. I would like to repair my wall, but am afraid with all the pressure built up outside, the water draining through alleviates that pressure. Also, has anyone seen this done or know anything about it, that could give me some guidance as to how I should proceed.

    Also, I am thinking about burying some corrugated tubing about 1 inch underground, put rock on top to hopefully serve as an outside drainage ditch to divert water away from the house. Is this a good idea? I haven't ever seen anyone do it before and it's the easiest and cheapest way I've figured out so far.

    I thank you in advance for any feedback and appologize if this is posted elsewhere. I did a search, but only sump pump stuff came up.

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    Re: Basement Dewatering System

    not sure what your codes r down there but is it an old house? if so you may not have a weeping system that would take care of the rain water that would accumilate at the base of your basement footings. I hope that you wont have dig your whole foundation out to install weeping tile.

    good luck
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