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Shower knob replacement inquiry

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  • Shower knob replacement inquiry

    The amount I know about plumbing is... non-existent, but gotta start somewhere.

    Just bought a new (to me) house and the shower knob is VERY stiff - it's the kind that pulls straight out and turns for temp.

    Here's the (incredibly basic) question: it has one of the 8" round plates at the back of the knob, is that large enough to get in and replace the knob workings without having to tear the wall apart? Or can the guts be removed/replaced/cleaned unough to make it function normally again?

    I'm guessing the fixture is as old as the house, 15 years.
    Many thanks in advance for humoring a complete novice who is hoping to not flood his new house in this process

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    Re: Shower knob replacement inquiry

    Sounds like a typical moen problem, if you dont feel comfortable with it have your plumber come int but here goes:

    1. turn off your water
    2. take off the handle, fairly simple pry off the little plastic button then unscrew
    3. remove clip from existing cartirdge w/ needle nose pliers or small screw driver
    4. take the plastic piece that came with your new cartridge place it on the existing cartridge and rotate while applying pressure outward
    5. remove lod cartridge and install new
    6. reinstall handle and any trim you may have removed


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      Re: Shower knob replacement inquiry

      Thanks, I was hoping it would be that straight-forward and wholesale replacement not necessary.

      Great site ya have here!!
      And the people appear to be outstanding.


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        Re: Shower knob replacement inquiry

        Sounds like a Moen faucet,with a 1225 cartage and can be replaced easlly.
        Remove handle and sleave there is a clip that hold the cartage in and you
        have pull it out to get the cartage out,this is what it should look like.
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          Re: Shower knob replacement inquiry

          Step 7 Remove handle again

          Step 8 Rotate stem 180 degrees to correct hot on right, cold on left


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            Re: Shower knob replacement inquiry

            forgot about that part bill