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Old timers tricks

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    Re: Old timers tricks

    9 times out of 10 a trick is a way to undo a F**K Up that could have been prevented by having the knowledge and experience to do it right in the first place.

    I notice you are not getting alot of advice on this thread. The hard earned things are not easily given away IMO.

    May I suggest narrowing your scope a bit and identifing the task.

    Example: "Any tricks to make a toilet reset go faster or better?"

    Sure Rfol, Take the time to nut your bolts to the flange it makes for an easier toilet set and a more solid setting toilet IMO.
    This site is the best place on the net for plumbers to share knowledge and learn
    I'm not saying don't ask, but have a specific request or at least a general idea.

    Just my 2 cents


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      Re: Old timers tricks

      I'm sorry if some of you have patented ideas that you don't want to share.

      I'm not looking for advice. I offered a couple I had learned and asked if others wanted to contribute.

      It's easy to see why plumbers crack is so common. The drawers are all wadded up


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        Re: Old timers tricks

        Rofl, many things that you might consider a "trick" is common knowledge but like yourself, I am always interested in something new.

        I would say 90% of the tricks I have learned have been by just watching a guy.

        Don't ever start any plumbing related job at 2:00 on Friday. EVER.

        When you remove the old wax ring from the toilet/flange put it in the box of the new flange and get it out of the bathroom immediately.

        WD-40 removes wax from just about anything. PB Blaster works well too but some people don't like the smell.

        Use rubbing alcohol to clean the sink when setting a pop-up or strainer basket.

        When removing silicone, mineral spirits works great.

        Never pass gas until you pull a toilet, remove a trap or cut a pipe.

        For good luck sing this song endlessly while plumbing. Don't be afraid to put in some hip action.
        Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.