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  • Low water flow help

    I have an older two story house with copper piping. The piping to the second floor has a large build up of limescale and hard water deposits. I get very minimal water flow to the second floor (to the point it is very hard to wash my hands while the toilet is filling). The house is plaster and lathe construction so it would be cost prohibitive. Is there any way for me to clean the pipes without tearing through the walls and all the other associated headache (some lime scale remover or anything else i can use to clean the pipes without opening up the walls)?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Low water flow help

    I would try cleaning out the aerators and flushing out the angle stop valves.

    I am sure you could pump white vinegar through your pipes but I am not sure how effective it would be.


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      Re: Low water flow help

      Plaster and lathe walls and copper piping were installed in different eras.

      So most likey you have galvanized pipes behind the walls and that's where your problem is.


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        Re: Low water flow help

        I have done some pretty slick repipes in some of the older houses around here without getting into the walls. You have to be creatitive though

        angle drilling, false corners, cut in behind base boards are alll ways to avoid going into the walls...

        Contact a licensed plumbing pro in you area and discuss your options.

        In most cases it can be done


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          Re: Low water flow help

          [quote=Big Jim;226224]I'm afraid 'Crack is right.
          Even though there may be copper stub-outs, you probably have galvy in the walls. Sounds like a re-pipe may be in order.

          Thanks for your service.
          Respects to your namesake:
          C.N.H., Silent Warrior, 93 confirmed, RSVN[

          Amazing story.