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Deep well jet pump

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    Re: Deep well jet pump

    Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
    Funny you should mention Goulds. They have donated several pumps to the school. And yes, we do spend a bit of time covering shallow and deep well pumps and systems.
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      Re: Deep well jet pump

      Well (no pun intended) we finally put this thing to bed today.

      HO called in a pump guy. He was an older guy and great to work with, didn't mind all my stupid questions, and taught me a lot in the few hours I worked with him.

      He thought it could be a clogged nipple leading to the pressure switch.
      He thought it could possibly be the impeller due to the age of the pump. Got parts. Returned next day. Changed them.

      Only thing left was to find the well and dig itt up so I borrowed a locater. Got two good hits. One, right where HO had compass barrings. We checked this area several times but HO swore the well was capped just below ground level. After diggin' and diggin' found it 5' deep (2' below ground water). Neighbor came down with his back hoe and dug us some working room.

      Pump guy and I returned today to pull the well. You guys that warned me that pulling the cap off this type of well is a bi%$h. You were 100% right! But we got it (didn't even have to start swearing).

      Once we pulled the well we took off the jet. Pump guy looks at it and didn't see anything clogging it. Fair amount of debris but nothing to cause a clog.

      After some thought he decides that may be, just may be those small pieces of debris that the line has been picking up over the last 40 years have scoured the jet enough to make the orifice too big. So we put in a new jet and foot valve. Put the lines back in the well. Primed the pump with 1 gal water. He flipped the switch and she took off like a rocket.
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