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    does anybody know of any trade schools in northern new jersey that offer plumbing coarses?

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    Re: education

    Originally posted by john050378 View Post
    does anybody know of any trade schools in northern new jersey that offer plumbing coarses?

    john, save your money and spend a couple hours a day on this forum

    you'll be a pro in no time

    or you can check with your local trade schools and see what they offer.

    out here a union apprentice has a 5 year apprenticeship that includes school and on the job. of course they get paid for their apprenticeship and as long as they complete their shchooling, they get their raise.

    what area of plumbing interest you?

    first chapter to study is the k-60 owners manual

    all the answers can be found on this forum

    phoebe it is


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      Re: education

      just general plumbing i suppose. for my own personal knowledge plus it gives me something to do. my government job isn't very stimulating and my brain is mush when i leave every afternoon. night school would be a welcome change. it would motivate me. i found a county tech school near my job that offers an impressive program. about 8 different coarses, all different aspects of plumbing for $600 a coarse. i would just omitt the coarses for the master plumbers' license. there is also a 5 year apprenticeship that i couldn't fullfil. this forum is a great reference also. everybody seems to be a wealth of knowledge.


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        Re: education

        Some have it worse I'm sure. But for me and where I was at the time, there was nothing. There were no classes. There was no union apprenticeship program. The internet was in an infancy.

        So if you didn't work with someone willing to help or teach, you were absolutely screwed. I was very lucky to work with a person that did teach me and even helped me study some in the truck.

        Check with your state's plumbing board. Some continuing education classes are not closed to unlicensed people last I checked. You can learn some there.

        Check all of your community colleges.

        Call your local inspection department and ask an inspector.

        Read through the forum.

        Buy some code books that pertain to your area.

        Work for a plumber.

        Good luck.



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          Re: education

          I see you are in Oak Ridge---Bergen Tech in Hackensack offers it.