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  • confused?

    is there a national standard plumbing code, a code for each specific state , or both? if both, what is the difference?

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    Re: confused?

    IPC and UPC are of what I'm aware.

    Then, each state has a tendency to "adjust" whichever they use.

    Then local jurisdictions will often attempt to "adjust" what the state has already "adjusted'.

    It's completely asinine and should be stopped.

    1 Code.



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      Re: confused?

      There is UPC and IPC and they both are based on "jurisdiction interpretation" which means the county, the city and the state can and will interpit the same code in three different ways. OUR JOB IS JUST TO EASY SO THEY DO THIS TO KEEP US ON OUR TOES
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        Re: confused?

        There is also the NSPC. In NJ, we do not follow the IPC or UPC for plumbing. The other codes are ICC.
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