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Water leak somewhere

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  • Water leak somewhere

    After filling fresh water we had water in the corner of bedroom on one occasion. On one occasion after filling the fresh water we had water leak under the couch area and run all along the couch, in front of the refrigerator and shower. Not a large amount. We never really could figure out where it came from. The last time we had water as you come in the door by the bottom of the kitchen sink on the floor next to the door. We couldn't see any water under the sink or on the floor below the drawer beneath the sink.

    Anyone have any ideas where the water might be coming from? We usually find it after arriving at our destination or on arrival at home. No leaking while parked at campsite.

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    Re: Water leak somewhere

    You will get a better response in the "Ask the Plumbing experts" section

    You may try a camper / RV website as well.



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      Re: Water leak somewhere

      t first I had NO clue what your referring to,

      No leaking while parked at campsite.
      OK I am guessing your talking a camper, or RV is that correct?

      if it is after the unit is moved, my guess is vibration is causing some thing to leak, with out a lay out of the unit and so on,
      so where it being found means little,

      it could possible a roof leak? coming down inside a wall, (water setting on a the roof),

      could a vent to the storage tank be off and letting it slosh out? or crack in the tank or if metal weld or pin hole?

      I think it is one of those things one will have to just move it some (probably with the tank full), and then get a flash light and check all the areas one can see and see if there is any wet areas if you can open up storage and other to see the pipes the pump or any other plumbing in the area of the found wet areas,

      it could it be trap or some thing on the drain side, cracked fitting,

      a faucet that is cracked, If the pump or the tank is pressurized, movement may cause it to shift and leak,

      I think your going to have to play investigator and look until you find it,
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        Re: Water leak somewhere

        sounds like to me that your going to have to bring it in so somebody can determine where this is coming from.


        just courious, how old is the RV?