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tapping into the sewer pipe under house

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  • tapping into the sewer pipe under house

    I'm coming from an adjacent building that I have a toilet in. I want to attach the sewer pipe from that building to the sewer line under the house.

    I'm going to put a sewage pump with a 30 gal tank outside of the adjacent building and send the sewage up from there. I know I will be going upstream with the flow. I will be putting a 2 inch check valve in the line.

    I'm familiar with putting in the tank and the sewer sump pump, but getting it to the sewer which is elevated, I wanted to check it out.

    I will be starting at 2 inch from the tank. I have a pump that will be able to push the fluid up to the sewer pipe level underneath of the house. Do I need to vent it, or can I just attach it. Should I put an elbow above the sewer pipe when attaching to the house?

    In other words, how do I attach it to the existing sewer pipes underneath the house?

    Thanks for your suggestions and assistance.

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    Re: tapping into the sewer pipe under house

    what your looking for is this
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      Re: tapping into the sewer pipe under house

      The SaniFlo & Zoeller upflush systems are an alternative method that some choose.

      But if I understand the original poster, I prefer the way he/she proposes. The upflush systems I've seen have NO highwater alarm. So when the pump fails (it is going to fail) you end up with a waste bucket in the house or worse..... behind a finished wall!

      For either method, traditional venting is required for fixtures and basins/tanks. AAV's may not be used.

      If setting a basin, I prefer the tie in be the last connection downstream. If I have room I'll install a backwater valve upstream before the connection. No Fernco type couplings allowed.

      Good luck.



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        Re: tapping into the sewer pipe under house

        hmm maybe i didnt understand the question. my bad. i blame the public skuel system.