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    Re: Best Bang for the Buck in a Replacement Toilet

    It's been awhile since I posted this and thought I'd at least give an update. We ran into a good deal on a Mancesa Cyclone 4 pressure assist toilet, and decided to give a go in the "less critical" bathroom. The pressure assist flushes with vengeance but still didn't always clear out the really large solids that our "human St. Benard" leaves .....close but no cigar. So I moved onto the next level and installed an American Standard Champion 4 that boasts a 4" inlet flat and 2-3/8" outlet throat, plus scores 1000 on the MAP test. This one seems to be doing the trick, as we've been clog free for over 10 days (knock wood). $188 @ HD, $198 @ Lowes = $169 after price match.

    Thanks again to all who advised.
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      Re: Best Bang for the Buck in a Replacement Toilet

      To the fella from canada who asked about Eljer: Used to be made in Chicago, now owned by American Standard (who bought Crane too) and are made in Mexico I believe. My dad has a corner tank model (only one on the market that I know of) and it flushes like a champ.

      Where's Kohler in this discussion? I grew up with a Kohler Rialto and a Cimarron in the house. Both were great even the Cimarron that was a first generation 1.6 gpf. Currently I have a Kohler Wellworth and have never, ever had a problem. I do get customers from time to time that plug them terribly. I blame the sharp turn in the trapway. A Wellworth at the Cheapo is only about $160 + tax.

      Kohler's new class 5 flushing is on par with Am Std's Champion 4 IMO. I've installed 2- 1.28 gpf models and 1 dual flush model and customers love both.

      So enough Kohler a plumbing professional I prefer the quality and exclusivity of Gerber. Still not available in the big box I believe?

      My dad is an inspector for the town he lives in and gets to see and test flush a lot of toilets. His opinion is that Kohler is the best flush on the market right now. Toto has never really thrilled him with performance.




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        Re: Best Bang for the Buck in a Replacement Toilet

        kohler wellworth is what i have in my home and is what i carry on my truck. i have a round and an elongated. they flush very strong but every once in a while i get a call for a clog. always can clear with plunger. i give a 5 year warranty on toilets, but not for clogs due to the fact that i cannot control what they flush. cheapo has the wellworth (rejects) for like 120 bucks.