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    Re: Testing out

    Hi Tom,
    Well you do have good questions.First answer,some states do allow a reciprocity for a simple fee . others require you to take a test to show you understand their local codes. (pipe sizing for water,gas and drain waste and vent.) then there is a Issue of properly reading blueprints Isometric drawings. And last but still important the issue of properly preventing water backflod into the water you drink and shower with.
    Second answer to pricing question.Did you get at least three estmates ? Sometimes the contractor will overprice the work because they are already very busy or did not want to do the specfic job.ETC but if he got it than it would be worth the extra profit. Also A bid is somewhat of a guess on labor time and as a busness man he needs to coverhimself for unforseen issues.

    Hope that this helped


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      Re: Testing out

      Most of the day laborers are from South America
      And a lot of that started after Katrina in the aftermath. No one wanted the nasty jobs of cleaning up, and some not-so-respectful contractors (or people who went into business as contractors to take advantage of the situation) hired many people from South America who could not speak English, knew what OSHA was, or labor laws, and any other clue that might protect them in our country. They worked them under a 1099 as independent contractors so they did not have to worry about SSN, paying for Medicare, or withholding taxes or pension or Unemployment and ll the other things that a respectable contractor has to pay their workers.

      When the Katrina cleanup was over (as far as the media was concerned) these people either moved on to other parts of the US or went home. Now they compete for jobs with other illegals.
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