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Work Van, or Work Truck?

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    Re: Work Van, or Work Truck?

    Poolcleaneress, two ways you will learn the most one is as you go. Second is by learning from the best that's why any topic you have a question about, look for a thread about it. A good portion of topics about plumbing have been covered by these guys. The cool thing about their threads and posts is that a lot of these guys are business owners drain cleaners or techs that do the work every single day. I have spent God knows how many hours just reading old threads and I can tell you that you will learn a TON.

    Want to be the best learn from the best.



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      Re: Work Van, or Work Truck?

      Thanks DanLawrence, I've been reading them non stop pretty much since I found this forum, and I've learned a few things here and there, and in my head, I've answered a few questions that other people have had, some that others hadn't caught on to...but the subject was "ask the experts" so I didn't say anything. Maybe I should have and if it was wrong, someone would have corrected me, and that's the best way to learn is by failure, (and practice) I suppose, but successes don't hurt anyone...


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        Re: Work Van, or Work Truck?

        You’re a Plumber right? That makes you an expert even if you don't have one, five, ten or twenty year’s experience. Since you will be out on the job in a few months let me give you one piece of advise that I had to learn on my own. Confidence is crucial when your doing a service call and talking to the home owner give them a big smile and look them strait in the eye and will have earned their respect. Showing confidence even in times your not sure what to do will go a long ways with building relationships with your customers.

        On another note welcome to the forum!