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    what is the largest size fittings do they go up to and if they have 3" has any one ever used it on a wast line .
    i had to move a 3" line in an apartment that had about 6 of them ,and i could not get to all of the people [ some sleeping ] as i had the line cut out i can hear the rumble ow water coming i have bin there before so i have a couple 6 gal buckets standing by . well i had a good catch ,only a cup or two on the floor .
    a pro press would be nice and fast

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    Re: pro press

    I know they make press rings that go up to 4". I have zero experience with them. I don't think there has ever been an approval for press DWV.



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      Re: pro press

      i press from 1/2 to 4" all the time--the big fitts are the fun ones


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        Re: pro press

        i hope they never make or approve dwv press fittings


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          Re: pro press

          charlie, there is no approval for propress on a dwv system. the fittings are water sweeps, not sanitary sweeps.

          i have the xl rings for 2.5''-4'' and will be doing a 3'' domestic water service on tuesday.

          sure the fittings cost more than solder style. but i'll be done before they figure how to drain the entire building and solder.

          actually i'll still have the water on and in a bypass mode from the meter to the service. doesn't matter if the valves don't hold 100% as the propress only takes seconds to complete a joint.

          call me charlie for the scoop

          phoebe it is