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  • Basement Bathroom Reno

    I'm planning a renovation of an existing basement bathroom, it currently has a small sink on a vanity, and a toilet. I would like to add a bath tub to the bathroom, and will need to rework the existing drain and vent system.

    The image below shows how I'd like to orient things, so I will be moving the sink and toilet away from the wall that separates the utility room and bathroom, to make room for the bathtub.

    Each dark pink dot, shows where I would like to run a vertical vent for the sink, toilet, and bath tub. Then I will combine them and tie them into the existing vent, for the ejector pump (my sewer line is 1 foot from the slab grade).

    Does this seem kosher? Or would there be a better way to route the vents and/or drain? The ejector pump pit is existing, and most likely has a 3" line running to it left-to-right in the image, straight to where the toilet shows up in the picture. I haven't jack hammered out the concrete yet.

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    Re: Basement Bathroom Reno

    Oh, and just to clarify, where the tub meets the main drain, I'd be using a wye with a 45* elbow on it, not a T.