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Advice for underground water supply

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  • Advice for underground water supply

    Im installing a deck on the back of my home. I have an outside faucet that I need to move because the deck will be a low deck that will not have enough clearance to work under. The deck will be 18' deep off the back of the house. Is there any way to run a line from the foundation to the back side of the deck so that it doesnt freeze. I could rent a ditch witch and bury it but my concern is that when I drop the line down and then bring it back up again it will create a trap and it could still freeze. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..... Bob

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    Re: Advice for underground water supply

    run the pipe below frost line and put in a yard hydrant, the valve is on the bottom and it drains back (if a garden hose is not left on it),

    there are many other brands out there, (these are good and have used both companies, but I posting the URLs for example not nessarly recommendation of a brand)

    most of the time the hydrant can be repaired by readjusting or by removing the guts out of the top of the unit and replacing, depending on the problem. with out having to dig it up.

    we have about ten of them on the place, and plan on putting in a few more soon,
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