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Too much pressure!!!

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  • Too much pressure!!!

    The public works dept. repaired a water leak in the subdivison Friday-Sunday...Saturday I woke up to strange noises from the upstairs bathrooms...Now the toilets will not stop running,there is too much pressure in the lines..also I have a leak in the pipes from the sink..
    Please help with any suggestions or recommendations. Thanks

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    Re: Too much pressure!!!

    sounds like dirt and air got into the system and possible damaged a pressure regulator. it's also possible that water hammer from shutting it off and turning it on could be at fault.

    i suggest to call them and see if they will look at it for you.

    otherwise just call your regular plumber and have him document the cause. it's possible they will reimburse you if it can be proved they were at fault. very common with us here.

    keep good records and write down the names of the people you talk to.

    should be a pretty simple fix.

    keep us posted to your results

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Too much pressure!!!

      There were times when I would drive down a street and see the city working on the water main so I would call my office and give them notice that we would be getting some calls later in the afternoon. Sometimes customers would call to tell us they had no water in the house, we would tell them to open a hose bib so that when the water was turned back on by the city they would have less of a chance of having debris come through the line back into the house fixtures.


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        Re: Too much pressure!!!

        thanks guys for your help. I had to get a new pressure regulator installed