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Shower Valve stuck

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  • Shower Valve stuck

    Hi there. First time here and desperately need help.

    A few weeks ago, our shower started dripping- just a slow drip. Went to the hardware store and got some advice- the soft turn valve needed replacing. I bought the parts and came home to proceed to replace them, but I couldn't get the shower valve out.

    Went back, was told to get some tap spanners, but still no luck.

    Went back again, was told to try WD40 because valve is probably rusty and stuck.

    Still no luck, and now shower is dripping even more unless we shut tight with a wrench.

    Is there anything else I should try before giving up and paying a professional to come and fix for me? (Also, how much would this cost? If it's like $100, I would rather pay that and save my sanity.)


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    Re: Shower Valve stuck

    the problem with trying to fix something like this yourself is that most likely you have no hands on experience. and if you break it, the water is off until it's fixed

    hire a locally recommended plumber and have him do it.

    watch and take notes.

    i actually enjoy it when the owner shows interest in watching and learning.

    find a good locally recommended plumber.

    don't know your local rates, but you should be able to work with an independent plumber pretty easy.

    might be less than 15 minutes, might be an hour

    ask what their rates are and how they bill.

    is this canada or austraila?

    send me a ticket and i'll do it for free

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Shower Valve stuck


      Last I checked, tickets were about 900 USD to Melbourne, so if the local plumber quotes me any more than that, you'll be on your way to Australia.

      Thanks for your help.


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        Re: Shower Valve stuck

        actually i do have some old contacts from melbourne, but it's been a long time since i was there in 1990

        great city and i enjoyed it

        remember the rail strike of 1990 when all the trains, trolleys were welded to the the tracks hard to get around.
        flinders park was the australian tennis open. i was there

        you should find someone under $900, but on the other hand i hope you don't

        post a photo if you can of the valve and the parts you bought.

        i'd be courious as to what you use.

        there are a few locals on the forum and they might know who to call in the area. give it a day or 2 for them to chime in.

        phoebe it is