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Flange too high for new toilet

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  • Flange too high for new toilet

    I'm in the process of remodeling my bathroom. I've removed the toilet and taken up the old flooring. The existing flange is about 3/4" above the floor.

    The problem I see is the my new toilet, A/S Champion 4, appears to require that the Flange be flush on the floor in order to mount it correctly.

    The Flange is PVC and the 4" pipe in the floor is also PVC.

    Should I cut off the flange at floor level and try to chisel the remaining portion out of the 4" pipe to install a new flange? Or, Is there a flange that will fit inside the opening of the old flange without restricting the flow from the toilet?


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    Re: Flange too high for new toilet

    ed, sounds like you already know right from wrong

    so here's a question. is it possible to add some sub flooring and bring the flange back to the required height?

    the required height is actually with the top of flange sitting on the finished floor. then the flange is secured with non corroding screws/ brass, stainless to the floor.

    yes, there is an internal flange that will fit into the 4'' plastic waste. but honestly i would only use that if there were no other option.

    sounds like cutting the flange off and then attempting to chisel out the pvc joint is the best option. sometimes a slice with a sawzall cutting down the 2'' joint into sections will make for an easier time.

    biggest problem with the internal flanges are they do restrict the internal dimension. not bad on 4'' but not acceptable for 3''.

    also very important to properly secure the flange to the floor or it will get loose and the toilet will rock.

    now if you want to spend some money, they make a new drill bit/ hole saw that's designed to cut out the fitting and salvage the pipe. this is opposite of the ones we have that salvage the fitting and drill out the pipe.

    good luck and take a few before and after photos to post

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      Re: Flange too high for new toilet

      Originally posted by Big Jim
      Flange should be re-set and flush mounted to floor.
      Should not be too difficult being PVC.
      Be sure to screw new flange to floor.
      A 4 X 3 closet flange will fit inside the 4" pipe.
      jim, good call.

      i forgot this and i've even done it with abs too.

      the flange i was referring to has a rubber threaded gasket that screws and expands as it threads into the pipe.

      ed, jim has the easiest and probably best solution to your issue.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Flange too high for new toilet

        Thanks guys,

        I knew that I was going to have to reset the flange.

        Unfortunately, I can't add any additional sub-floor in the bath. So, it's lower the flange.

        I believe that I'll try to chip out the existing flange and replace it with on that has a metal flange that I can screw down to the floor.

        Of course, it's a concrete floor and I'll need a new Hammer/Drill for that project.

        Darned, another new tool.

        Of course, I hope this whole thing doesn't end up being a trainwreck.

        "What does need have to do with it?"


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          Re: Flange too high for new toilet

          You can always try jacking the house up around it